The name's Bex.

Well. Whatcha hopin' to learn about?


General Background & Overarching Themes.

I'm a woman of hats. And I tend to wear multiple hats at the same time, because it's just oh-so stylish. With a theatrical background and a curiosity for craft– I'm freakin' passionate about a lot of stuff and I say we just do the damn thing.  

Photography. I like photographing people, to make a long story short. But some main areas I focus on are: sports (primarily aquatics), weddings, portraiture, and the beverage industry–we'll get to that one later.

Graphic Design. Specializing in layout design, I'm print design focus, with a large history in book creation, magazine and catalog work. I'm also a frequent doodler and like to illustration moments in our lives in whimsical cartoons.




Bar De Bex (Yeah, I also make cocktails)

For the whole ramble and to check out some awesome cocktails, head to! Yeah, I had to go and complicate things by having two websites...but I'm working on that. Bar De Bex is my drinking blog! It's where to go to find cocktail creations, drinking doodles, gift guides for imbibers, tips & technique, and best of all–my happy hour playlist. 



And I'm a writer.

I love to write. I think you may have noticed that if you've made it this far down in my "About Me" section. With a background in playwriting and lyric writing, I'm strongly influenced by the way we all communicate. Many of my plays and short stories have been published and on stage. Check on one of my stories published in Nailed Magazine to get taste. 



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